There’s a common misconception circling anti-wrinkle injections, also known as Botox, concerning their areas of use. Lots of you probably already know that anti-wrinkle injections are ideal for treating expressive areas like the forehead and crow’s feet. This has been common knowledge since it’s FDA approval in 2002, but were you aware of how far, both medically and aesthetically, this versatile treatment has come?


Anti-wrinkle injections in facial aesthetics


Using anti-wrinkle injections in the facial region has progressed far further than just worry lines.


For example, Dr Bawa can perform an effective non-surgical brow lift to restore a drooping eyebrow line. As we age, we lose firmness and elasticity in our skin which causes some areas to fall and sag. This natural pulling down of our skin prematurely ages us and makes our eyes appear tired or sunken. Luckily, targeted anti-wrinkle injections in precise areas lift the brows to create a subtle, more youthful-looking arch.


As well as lifting the brow, anti-wrinkle injections also lessen the appearance of a gummy smile. By injecting into precise areas in the upper lip, we relax the muscles causing the lip to contract too far up the gum. This causes the over-expressive muscle to show less gum, the results developing a few days after treatment. This has the effect of a more even smile that stops your teeth appearing to protrude as they sometimes can with this condition.


The mouth and lips areas aren’t just for dermal fillers, because now a down-turned mouth can also be treated with anti-wrinkle injections. Using much the same premise as other expressive muscles, injections in the target areas relax the muscles pulling these corners downwards. This evens your mouth line and stops the unwanted sagging and the tired, drawn look previously seen.



Anti-wrinkle injections in medical uses


Anti-wrinkle injections have far surpassed their previous capabilities, but were you aware of these treatments?


Dr Bawa is proud to offer anti-wrinkle injections for the condition hyperhidrosis (or excessive sweating). This medical condition causes localised areas to produce far more sweat than is typically necessary and can be embarrassing and lifestyle-limiting. Injections in areas like the under-arms and hands lessens sweat production in the area for months at a time, allowing those affected to lead a drier and fresher life until their next appointment. It works in much the same way it does in facial muscles in that the offending muscles are relaxed and produce less sweat.


Lessening teeth grinding and clenching is another unexpected use for anti-wrinkle injections. Grinding and clenching can drastically affect your dental health, cause wear and tear on your teeth and jaw, and lead to shoulder, back, and head pain. You may not have realised that you were grinding your teeth or the knock-on effect it was having on your health, but anti-wrinkle injections can help. They relax this spasm in the jaw muscle to lessen its ability to clench and squeeze.


Anti-wrinkle injections now don’t just mean wrinkle reduction, they mean a whole world of possibilities. Both medically and aesthetically, their uses continue to grow and grow with the copious research taking place. At Dr Bawa Skin & Facial Aesthetics on Harley Street and in South Woodford, we always strive to stay up-to-date and at the forefront of aesthetic treatments, so you can definitely trust us for your aesthetics treatments!


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