The Fire and Ice Facial has been popular with celebrities and the public alike. Famous faces such as Michelle Keegan, Lindsey Logan, and supermodel Suki Waterhouse have all shared their positive experiences of this unique and professional skin rejuvenation treatment. Unlike most chemical peels, it comes with no downtime attached and even those who are pregnant can receive the treatment! Here’s everything you need to know about the Fire and Ice Facial, including what it is and how it works.


Step one: Fire

The first portion of the Fire and Ice Facial is obviously the first word: fire. This masque is applied to the face for five minutes to achieve intensive resurfacing. It feels a little tingly, but its warmth is actually fairly pleasant. Formulated with glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, and a host of other antioxidants, this masque works to exfoliate away your dead skin cells in a controlled manner. The dead, dying, and damaged are sloughed away to reveal a fresher, younger layer of skin beneath. This light peel element not only revives tired and dulling skin, but it also improves the appearance of acne. By gently stripping away a layer of skin and rebalancing oil production, this masque opens the pores and hair follicles to cleanse them of their contents; namely oil, built-up dead skin cells, and other debris. This lets your skin breathe and helps treat acne, congested skin, and even some forms of acne scarring.


Step two: Ice

The Ying to fire’s Yang, the ice portion of this treatment soothes and cools. This second masque is applied for a further five minutes, cooling the post-peel skin and intensively hydrating to avoid any dryness and flaking. Beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, green tea extracts, aloe vera, and other natural components are used to heal and repair your treated skin. The ‘ice’ step is partially responsible for this treatment’s lack of downtime, because it helps your skin to regenerate and adjust to the exfoliation it has just received. By introducing these natural healing properties, we calm the skin while introducing a healthy glow to it, allowing you to go about your day without the worry of reddening and flaking skin. This is what makes the Fire and Ice facial the ideal last-minute facial treatment when preparing for an event you have later that day!


Fire and Ice facial aftercare

After you’ve had these two masques applied to your skin, a final cleanse is performed to remove any remnants. A moisturising serum is then added to top up the effects of your Ice stage and a strong sun protection is applied. It’s important to use sun protection after this treatment because of the new layer of skin we have revealed following the Fire masque. This new skin was being blocked by the old, so it is young and vulnerable to environmental and external factors such as the sun. Avoid inflammation, irregular pigmentation, and burning with a broad-spectrum sun screen.


Can this treatment help with the signs of ageing?

You’d be surprised, but the Fire and Ice facial is capable of revitalising the skin and treating the signs of ageing. The first masque, ‘Fire’, exfoliates the skin to create a reaction not dissimilar to those of a chemical peel. By creating this controlled wounding on the skin, the body’s healing processes kick in and begin to produce fresh skin cells, collagen, and elastin to replace those lost. Collagen and elastin are components essential to skin’s firmness and laxity, creating youthful bounce and structure. By stimulating their fresh production in the skin, you could see a reduction in visible wrinkles and replenish lost volume in thinning and sagging skin. Skin also dulls as we age, but because of the fresh skin cells produced you could see a fresh-faced glow return to your skin, too. The intense hydration and hyaluronic acid supplied by the ‘Ice’ masque encourages youthful volume and optimum hydration to improve the health and appearance of skin, plumping the areas that have begun to thin.


Curious about the Fire and Ice facial and what it could do for you? Dr Bawa is proud to offer this skin resurfacing treatment that is even suitable for those who are pregnant and breast-feeding. Enquire online or call 020 3795 9063 to book your consultation today!

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