This year has flown by! When summer bowed and left the stage, we barely had time to blink before Halloween was peeking around the curtains. Now Christmas is closing in and there are decorations lining the lampposts and shop windows. Where has the time gone since summer’s final heatwave rippled through the country? In fact, lets cast our minds back to last summer. We experienced a heatwave that made summer 2018 the joint hottest summer on record! With the unrelenting hot weather, the summer wardrobe and clothes were out for longer than we anticipated. For some people this was no problem at all, but for others it was daunting. Exposing your legs in shorts, dresses, or skirts isn’t as easy for those who are self-conscious of their thread veins. We know the weather is anything but summery right now, but how can we achieve thread vein removal in time for next summer?


What is sclerotherapy?

Thread veins are incredibly common in skin of all ages. Most commonly appearing on the legs, they can be blue or purple in colour, which is why some people become self-conscious of them. Here at Dr Bawa Skin & Facial Aesthetics on Harley Street, we perform a treatment called sclerotherapy that successfully treats and even removes thread veins. We inject a small amount of sclerosing agent into the targeted thread veins that causes the vein walls to swell and stick together. This stops the small amount of blood they carry being able to flow through them, rendering them redundant. These veins are then broken down by the body and dissolved, gradually reducing them in size and potentially disappearing altogether.


Why should I start my treatments now?

There are a few lifestyle reasons why you should begin your thread vein removal treatments in the winter, and we’ve done the planning ahead on your behalf. The first reason is because you’re probably going to be more covered up this season than you would be during spring or summer. Tights, trousers, and leggings keep us warm in the winter months by shielding our skin, so you won’t need to worry about the day-to-day appearance of your legs because your thread veins will be covered. This means you can begin your sclerotherapy treatment journey with us without worrying about some of the minor and temporary side effects that come with smoothing your skin. These include slight bruising, but this is natural. You can remove your thread veins this winter and wrap up warm, then shed these extra layers next summer with more even skin and nobody need know!


How long will this treatment take?

Another a reason to start thread vein removal in winter is because of the treatment journey. Because your best results may be reached after 2-3 treatments, there is a little more treatment time associated with thread vein removal. Your treatment journey could take up to 3 months, so to get your best results its always advisable to begin early. Beginning your treatment in the colder months means that your treatment journey is more likely to be completed by the time the temperatures begin to warm again. We don’t usually think about the changes we’d like to see in the summer until it’s just around the corner, so by planning ahead in this way you can feel at your best without your thread veins.


Thread vein removal on Harley Street has never been more accessible. Dr Bawa is a trained and qualified medical doctor, so you are in completely safe hands with all treatments. Begin your treatment journey today by enquiring online or giving us a call on +44 (0)20 3795 9063.

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