Although scary looking and sporting a rather Halloween-esq name, a Vampire Facial is one of the latest trends in skincare treatment. With a cult of celebrity fans, including Kim Kardashian West, Bar Refaeli and a number of prominent athletes, the treatment boasts big results.

The treatment’s medical name is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and it’s based on the reliance of the body’s natural healing process through the injection of the client’s own blood. The “plasma” is a concentrated component of your blood containing protein. The premise is that injecting plasma into damaged tissue will trigger your body to produce healthy, new cells which promote healing in that area. PRP Therapy can actually help with a number of conditions and areas of the body such as: under the eyes, cheeks, whole face, neck, jaw line, back of the hands, hair loss, acne scarring and painful joints.

To help you understand the Vampire Facial even more, in this blog post we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions.


  • How does the Vampire Facial actually work?

A Vampire Facial is actually administered through Microneedling. This is where the skin is punctured with very small, fine needles. It is done so enough to cause the skin’s natural collagen production response without scarring or causing trauma to the skin. This natural process ceases to happen after we turn 25, which is why as we age skin takes longer to heal and the signs of aging become apparent. PRP therapy encourages this production of collagen to start once again. After the client’s venepuncture to draw out blood for the treatment – which is both completely safe and pain free, the Microneedling can begin. The plasma is then injected into the skin in the treated area.


  • What is the recovery like?

The recovery process for a Vampire Facial is relatively easy to experience and deal with. The client will be rather red post treatment, as if they have sunburn. But there is no pain. It is recommended that the client is gentle with the skin, using a gentle cleanser and SPF moisturiser to protect the skin whilst it’s healing. Also, the application of makeup is discouraged whilst the skin is recovering from the treatment. In total, this recovery period lasts a couple of days. 48 hours after treatment, the client can resume back to their normal skincare and makeup.


  • Can anyone have a Vampire Facial?

Due to the treatment being minimally invasive, almost anyone qualifies for PRP Therapy if they so wish to have the treatment. Of course, with any medical procedure, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, those who have a large amount of excess loose skin due to a dramatic weight loss would see no improvements to their skin even with the procedure. In that situation, we would recommend a regular surgical facelift to elevate the skin and give a youthful appearance. However, a Vampire Facial is inexpensive and a lot safer than surgery. It also has a lot less recovery time, meaning it’s a very popular choice.


  • How long will the results of a Vampire Facial last for?

The client will see results within the first few weeks post treatment. Most practitioners agree that the results last for at least a year, after which the procedure can be repeated. The better the client’s skin care, the longer the results will last for. For example, no smoking, no tanning and a generally good diet.


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